Friday, July 31, 2009

Three hots and a cot?

In a small sleepy Southern Metropolis, I live in a community training facility for brain injuries.
This house shall be called "Orion".
I have a question for you, gentle readers/listeners of this blog of mine.
Okay, since brain injury wasn't recognized as a disability until 1996, then how is it that this menu of ours was created in 1993?
There has got to be some sense of this diet we are essentially being driven into: or is there?
Maybe you have to be rich in order to afford a brain injury! :-)


  1. Is that a picture of your brain or just a menu item?

  2. I am at a loss for something pithy to write here.

  3. Thankfully, John - you have come a long way since this entry - now you create your own diet and eat smart and healthy. I'm thrilled to see this blog was already started!